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Jesse Smith

Web Developer and Digital Artist/Designer

Jesse is first and foremost an artist and designer, but as a web developer, he aims to bring an artistic eye, with balanced design for UX/UI optimization, to V&P Digital's current and future client base. He began his development career in 2019 at Eleven Fifty Academy(EFA) in Fishers, where he studied Web Development. With his background in art, he found a hidden passion and skill for creative web design and front-end solutions. Jesse is also an avid learner and desires to continue growing as a developer, which is evident by his return to EFA to study software development in 2020. He is thankful for the opportunity from V&P Digital, and is excited to use his knowledge and skill as an asset to their work, as well as continuing to learn and grow alongside the rest of the team.

Beyond development, Jesse enjoys time with family, reading, art and music, seeking out and making good food, soccer, traveling, and experiencing nature.

Jesse Smith
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