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Kelli Vida

Account Manager

Kelli has over 8 years of experience in customer service. During the latter half of that time she obtained a BS in Kinesiology. After graduating in 2015, Kelli worked as an exercise therapist for two years. Working one on one with people developed Kelli’s attention to detail and passion to help people achieve their goals. This personal development led to a promotion to Office Administrator, a position she held for over 3 years before her move to the West Coast. With her strong background in case management and client relations, Kelli is our liaison for communications with clients and the digital marketing team. After years of working for doctors as an office administrator, she knows how easy it is for meaning to get lost in conversation, not to mention chicken scratch! Kelli’s goal is clear communication, timely service, and delivered expectations.

When she's not working, Kelli enjoys fine wine and appreciating the artwork of Antonio Segura Donat.

Kelli Vida
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